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Entities (1994, 2012, 1911)


The series Entities of Dutch artist Ties ten Bosch consists of colour changes on the wall.
The image plays with the memory of an image; the aura and emptiness that it leaves behind, both physically as morally. The two versions in the image shown here are based upon works that have been stolen. The left one is a composition in white and red by Piet Mondriaan, stolen in 2012. The one in the right is based upon the Mona Lisa which was stolen in 1911.


Invisible Architecture

by Chrs Galarreta & Janneke van der Putten

opmaak DONDER v05 smaller.indd

Invisible Architecture explores the acoustic architecture of a tower through its surrounding sounds, subtle acoustic phenomena and the human voice. Resonances and reverberations are emphasized and prolonged through vocal interaction with sound space and not-conventional different microphone techniques.
In this project Galarreta & van der Putten want to make the acoustic reflections audible, more than the direct source that generate it. The frequencies, amplitude, modulation of sound textures, as well as the breathing voice rhythm, the position of the microphones and its types, are responding to the qualities of the chosen site and its acoustic characteristics.
This work was made this winter 2013-14 in the tower of the Centre International d’art et du paysage, Ile de Vassivière, France and was supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

The album Invisible Architecture

Made of Walking


The Milena principle Summer School of Walking
brings together walkers, visual artists, writers, performers, musicians, sound artists, new media artists, developers, researchers, teachers to exchange walking practices in a series of walks, walking workshops and talks.

Arts and Literature: Oh Soon-Hwa, Karen McCoy, Floor van de Velde, Elaine Buckholtz, Adonis Volanakis, Phoebe Giannisi, Eleanna Martinou, Lezli Rubin-Kunda, Stefaan van Biesen, Simona Vermeire,
Performance and Dance: Dominique Baron-Bonarjee, Sandra Fruebing, Ienke Kastelein,
New Media and Sound: Nadav Assor, Bill Psarras, Chris Wood, Sinan Bökesoy, Ros Bandt, Vermeire Geert,
Social practices and research: Lydia Matthews, Walis Johnson, Maria Papacharalambous, Spyros Papaioannou

The Milena principle Summer School of Walking
Delphi July 16th – July 24th at Animart 2016

Attendees welcome.
Info on: themilenaprinciple@gmail.com
Full program:  https://goo.gl/y1wD00

The last days of Performances Invisibles

Performances Invisibles (Invisible Performances) is the third solo exhibition by conceptual artist Steve Giasson.
It is realised as part of the ‘Micro Interventions in public space’-section from the
DARE-DARE Center of Dissemination of Multidisciplinary Art, in Montreal, Canada.
The project consists of 130 performances and is staggered over a full year:
from July 7, 2015 to July 7 2016.


Steve Giasson. Performance invisible No. 127 (To Age).
Photo : Daniel Roy. 24 juin 2016.

Performances Invisibles first took the form of performative statements, ideas of works, recorded in writing.  Although they can stand on their own, they call and describe many minimal or enigmatic gestures. Often the statements are taken from everyday life or from the history of art. They can be placed in public or in private space.

The statements are published twice a week on performancesinvisibles.dare-dare.org (French, English and Spanish), and they are shared on the DARE-DARE’s Facebook page.

Steve Giasson activates the statements. The documents surrounding these activations are available on the website. Everybody is welcome to activate these performative statements at any time (also after July 7) and without prior authorization. If you do so, you are kindly requested to send any form of documentation. It will be added to the corresponding statements.

Steve Giasson. Performance No. 128 (To sweat).

Unnoticed Art Festival #2

The Unnoticed Art Festival took place on June 25 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The Unnoticed Art Festival wants to thank all artists:
Alice Vogler, 
Andrew McNiven
, Bucky Miller, 
Chris Wildrick
, Connor Frew, 
Edwin Stolk
, Elia Torrecilla, 
Florence Jung, 
Frans van Lent, 
Heath Schultz
, Heinrich Obst, 
Ieke Trinks, 
Ienke kastelein, 
Irina Danilova & Hiram Levy, 
Isaac Chong, Jeanette Joy Harris
, Jonathon Keats, 
Josh Schwebel, 
Joyce Overheul
, Julia Dahee Hong, 
Lee Nutbean, 
Liam Herne, 
Marika & Leopard
, Mark F Beasley, 
Mathias Will, 
Maureen Bachaus, 
Mikio Saito
, naakita feldman-kiss & Roby provost Blanchard
, Nanne Muskens, 
Nico Parlevliet
, Paul Money
, Paul Shortt, Peter Christenson, 
Raluca Croitoru
, Roekoe M
, Royce Allen Hobbs
, Simon Farid
, Tamar Banai
, Thomas Geiger, 
Thomas Tajo
, Vladimir Ivanov, 
Yvo van der Vat,

and all participants:
Petra Laaper, 
Tiiu Jansen, 
Sofie Hollander, Ienke Kastelein, Annemieke van Diepen, Monika Murawska, Heleen Langkamp, Caroline Kapp, 
Jos Deuss,
Ton Kraayeveld, Andrew McNiven
, Joyce Overheul, Geerten Ten Bosch, Michiel Tollig, 
Alexandra Baybutt, Jolanda Jansen, Archie McNiven
, Alona van Rosmalen
, Heekyung Ryu, 
Malou van Doormaal, 
Safanja Bendeler, Nico Parlevliet,  Ieke Trinks, 
Iris van Wijk, 
Jello Reumer, Manon Verkooyen, 
Yvo van der Vat, 
Frans van Lent, 
Caz Egelie, 
Edwin Stolk, 
Heinrich Obst, 
Thomas Tajo, 
Gijs Velsink, 
Jelle Schroor
, Marichel Boye, 
Lisanne van Brakel, 
Eliot Bo, 
Lisa Frey, 
Bert Verwijs, 
Peter Bogers
, Jasper Budel
, Tom Slegtenhorst
, Arje Snelders, Thijs Vink
and of course the inhabitants of the city of Nijmegen,

for creating a fantastic weekend and an unforgettable experience!

For more info about the festival: visit Unnoticedartfestival.com

New ParallelShows

And here they are:
TheParallelShow#6, full version!
Archeological Site, Delphi, Greece.
May 28 2016
with: Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten, Schepers, Jello Reumer, Alexia Karavela and Frans van Lent


TheParallelShow#7, full version!
Huis van Gijn, Dordrecht, Netherlands.
June 5 2016
Malou van Doormaal, Timo van Grinsven, Erin Helsen, Gys Velsink and Karina Beumer.

Photo’s © Alexia Karavela (work Ellen Rodenberg) & Karina Beumer

Program of the Unnoticed Art Festival #2

We are very happy to announce the program:

Alice Vogler (US), 
Andrew McNiven (GB)
, Bucky Miller (US), 
Chris Wildrick (US)
, Connor Frew (US), 
Edwin Stolk (NL)
, Elia Torrecilla (ES), 
Florence Jung (FR), 
Frans van Lent (NL), 
Heath Schultz (US)
, Heinrich Obst (BE/DE), 
Ieke Trinks (NL), 
Ienke kastelein (NL), 
Irina Danilova & Hiram Levy (US), 
Isaac Chong (DE/HK)
, Jeanette Joy Harris (US)
, Jonathon Keats (US/IT), 
Josh Schwebel (CAN), 
Joyce Overheul (NL)
, Julia Dahee Hong (CAN), 
Lee Nutbean (GB), 
Liam Herne (GB), 
Marika & Leopard (RU/DE)
, Mark F Beasley (US), 
Mathias Will (DE), 
Maureen Bachaus (NL), 
Mikio Saito (JP)
, naakita feldman-kiss & Roby provost Blanchard (CAN)
, Nanne Muskens (BR), 
Nico Parlevliet (NL)
, Paul Money (GB)
, Paul Shortt (US)
, Peter Christenson (US), 
Raluca Croitoru (RO)
, Roekoe M (NL)
, Royce Allen Hobbs (US)
, Simon Farid (GB)
, Tamar Banai (IL)
, Thomas Geiger (AT), 
Thomas Tajo (IN)
, Vladimir Ivanov (BG), 
Yvo van der Vat (NL)


More information wil follow soon!