Tamar Banai: Heart Listening

Heart Listening

“How do we speak about sound? Last winter I was wondering what vocabulary I use to describe it. Besides, I was thinking about how what we say or tell is often a misinterpretation, even when it comes to recognizing one’s own feelings.

I wondered if listening to my heart beat, regularly, over a period of time, keeping notes of what I hear, might bring up something I wouldn’t have been able to admit or recognize myself.

Using a stethoscope, I listened to my heart over seven days, three times a day, for five minutes each time. I was surprised to find out that a relationship had developed with this internal organ. Later it became clear that a book is also a body – it has a spine, a paper-skin surface to come in contact with, and it reveals its content gradually”.
Tamar Banai

The book Heart Listening