Johannes Langkamp: Video sketches, fragment (2012-)

Inspired by the everyday, Johannes Langkamp (Laer 1985) makes short fragments of video with simple means, in a raw and sketchy style. His ideas develop during his experiments with the characteristics and the limitations of his tools (cameras, situations, displays), and through this process Langkamp works out rough sketches into installations that reveal the camera’s relationship with space.

In 2011 Langkamp resolved to make one video every day, during a month. These videos are often short and often a bit awkwardly recorded. The subsequent project was a ‘Video sketchbook’, a series of short films in which the camera itself becomes the main subject: it is crushed between elevator doors or mounted on an electric drill. The work of Langkamp is based on┬ásimple observations, presenting physical reality in an unusual and personal way.