i was walking in a park and found an amazing dry flower…

dear Frans. i wanted to tell you a story. it was an accident but it was fun. i was walking in a park and found an amazing dry flower – like a thistle. huge and heavy. so i took it with me and walked with it in the city. then i was meeting a friend to go to an exhibition at White Cube (Anselm Kiefer ‘Walhalla’)

we came to the exhibition and i suddenly realised that my flower looked like part of the display! there were a lot of similar dry flowers and all sort of branches there as part of installations
and so then suddenly it almost was confusing wether i have stolen part of an installation or something. i had 3 gallery invigilators coming to me and asking me where i got my flower
and also just most of the visitors staring or glancing at my flower
it was very confusing and curious
gave me an idea to be coming to exhibitions with items that look like they could have been stolen from the exhibition.
just wanted to share this with you


a personal message, published with permission
Alisa Oleva