TheParallelShow #5 at Art Rotterdam

Performers: Andrew McNiven, Daniela Degen, Ieke Trinks, Ienke Kastelein, Frans van Lent.

We met on February 11 at 11.00 in front of the main entrance of the Art Rotterdam Art Fair.
We entered the restaurant together for a cup of coffee and to discuss our approach to the event.

A year ago we already planned The Parallel Show at the Art Rotterdam Art Fair 2015.
Ieke Trinks, Ienke Kastelein, Peter Baren and I discussed the concept during a meeting in my studio some weeks before. At that time there was no intention of making it the start of a series, it was conceived as a unique occasion.
Because of personal circumstances this ParallelShow was finally cancelled. Some months later, in July 2015, it still took place at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam (#1).
Because of our positive experiences at this first occasion it became the start of a series of ParallelShows.

For that original Parallel Show in the art fair of 2015 we had a clear idea how to approach. We would all design a personal concept for one chosen gallery booth. In this gallery booth we would perform this work (without invitation or anouncement) in front of the group, as a practical instruction to all participants. After that we would all carry out each others works successively in the chosen gallery booths, thus creating a repetitive line of performances.

Of course this original concept was discussed again in this new occasion. The group was slightly different now. Peter was not joining us and Andrew and Daniela were now part of it.
Not all of us were convinced about the original framework so we first visited the shows individually before we decided how to proceed. We would meet again for lunch at 01.30.

At the lunch meeting, we concluded not to use the original framework. We all had our own clear ideas on what to do. We discussed the plans and decided what to perform, individually and together, and in what order. After lunch we returned to the show together.
Finally it turned out to be a mix of solo works and groupworks in a somewhat chaotic improvised setting, probably the clearest representation of the dynamics of this type of art show.

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TheConceptBank in January is a freely accessible database for open-source performance concepts.

How it works:The artist sends a concept to TheConceptBank. It should be written in simple text and structure, more or less as a manual. When it is accepted it becomes part of the database of concepts.
An easy accessible search menu allows visitors of the website to choose a fitting concept. They can then print a chosen concept and carry out the work on a time and a place of their choice.
The user is kindly asked to send us his/her experiences after performing the work (text, photo or video) which TheConceptBank will then forward to the artists.  Please visit and see for yourself.

In January 2016 we did an action called TheConceptBank pays out!
If you sent us your proposal in the month January 2016 and we selected it to be published in TheConceptBank,
we would have sent you  €50,- in return. For the most appealing concept of the month we transferred €150,-.

Of course this action is over now. But it is still possible to send us concepts. And don’t worry: If your work is published, it will always remain your property. We are not buying concepts, we are just presenting them!
You can, at any time, choose to withdraw your work from the TheConceptBank.

The list of the TheConceptBank Pays Out:
The € 50,- awards:
Liat Berdugo & Leora Freedman & Emily Martinez, Vienne Chan, Steve Giasson, Jolanda Jansen, Ienke Kastelein, Kees Koomen, Roekoe M & Nanne Muskens, Andrew McNiven, Maurice Meewisse, Ellen Rodenberg, Edwin Stolk, Elia Torrecilla, Ieke Trinks & Bernard Roddy, Yvo van der Vat.
The € 150,- award: Floris Visser. is a non-profit initiative, the use of the databank is free for everybody.The concepts are licensed under Creative Commons.