Adam Cruickshank: Making Public the Making Public (2016)

From the small book “Photos of seagulls on the roof of the NGV while Tony Elwood delivers the opening speech at the NGV Art Book Fair 2016. (First printed Melbourne 7:30pm, Friday 29 April, 2016).”
A5, 12 pages, black and white laser, saddle stitched, open edition.

“The booklet was part of a larger project I did called Making Public the Making Public. In 2016 the National Gallery of Victoria had their second Art Book Fair and instead of selling books at a stall, I set up to make books that responded to the site.
There were 12 booklets in total (‘seagulls’ was the most popular), produced very quickly and with minimal equipment during the two and a half days of the fair. I made them and gave them away for free during the fair”.