Hans Bossmann: untitled (2016 ~)


On October 14, 2020, for the fifth year in a row, stones are suddenly lying on the windowsills in Hingene. Hingene is a village in the province of Antwerp (Belgium) and consists mainly of two main streets that intersect. At the four corners of the junction, you will find: a café, a church, a café-party hall, and a private house. Hans Bossmann, the man behind this activity, says: “Every year I do this on this day. And the windowsills are empty every year, except for one, the stones are all still there. ”

On that tiny windowsill are exact all the stones that Hans Bossmann has placed there over the past four years: five. But there seems to be more. There are also stones on the sill, both outside and inside. The resident says, “I always use those stones to keep the door ajar when I move outside for a moment.”
His neighbor sticks her head out of the doorway: “What does this mean?No photographs! Not even from the facade!” If looks could kill, this piece would not have existed. Why does someone put stones on people’s windowsill?

Why does someone put stones on windowsills?
Hans Bossmann: “This small change in the street scene can make people aware of other details in everyday life. It can raise questions about the meaning of such a small change. Once seen, it becomes an annual tradition that they recognize. There is only one village in the world where stones are placed on windowsills one day a year. Something small can be great. ”


photos: studio_orimi, Antwerp, BE.