Esther Hoogendijk: Deken – Graswerk 3 (2022)

“Thick heavy layers of grass lie like a blanket over the memories of the earth.
The ground, full of memories waiting patiently to be awakened.
I cover the grass, like you cover a child after a nice day.
All the memories of the day under a warm blanket, so they are never forgotten.
A blanket, to go to sleep safely under, to be awakened later.

By covering the grass I give all the vegetation present the chance to wake up again.
When moving the metal triangles the grasses make room for the other vegetation present.
This way I offer a chance for the memories hidden in the ground, to grow.
Taking care of the earth, precisely by covering it,
closing it off for a moment and then waking it up again in its full glory”.

Esther Hoogendijk

The artist placed five metal triangles on the field in front of the main house. These cover parts of the grass.
In the coming period these triangles will be moved three times, making a drawing in the grass.
As the metal triangles are moved, the grasses make way for the other vegetation present.
In this way the artist offers an opportunity to the memories hidden in the ground to grow.

Buitenplaats Doornburgh
Diependaalsedijk 17
3601 GH  Maarssen