Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos: Leave No Trace (2013-)

2013 – on going
​Paper, USB flashdrive
24 x 16 x 1 in each frame  (60 x 40 x 2.5 cm)

Every month, the artist is writing her diary daily on two pages of paper using a vanishing ink pen – recollecting onto paper the day’s causal occurrences, personal thoughts, private moments and uncensored reflections as they resurfaced in her mind.

Once the two white pages are covered with these ephemeral notes, she scans them before the text evaporates. In six hours, each word has slowly and organically disappeared from the page, taking away with it the weight of the content and the contribution that this daily recollection has for the present and the future. At the end of each day, all that remains are two blank, white pages, lightly marked by the pen’s etchings, waiting for the next day’s narrations.

The same process is repeated each day of the month on the same two pages. After that, the two blank pages of paper that bore the weight of the artist’s hand and personal history are framed and publically displayed while the scanned documents, the only traces that the process itself really happened, are stored on a USB key casually taped behind each frame.

Daan Den Houter: Keep On Dreaming (2017)

steel, 50 gram pure gold

A series of 16 iron cubes (11cm x 11cm x 11cm).
Each cube shows an engraved signature of the artist, the year of production and a unique number (1-16).
Inside one of the 16 cubes a gold bar of 50 grams is hidden. The value of this gold bar  (on the day of purchase 14-06-2017) is € 1852. In the other 15 cubes a bar is hidden made of iron of exactly the same weight. Each of the 16 cubes are for sale.
The destruction of a block will risk legal prosecution by the artist or by one of the other owners.The cubes are protected by copyright and by the concept of the collective dream.
 Till September 3rd the work is on show at Kunstenfestival Watou (BE). (2014-)

In 2014 Frank Warren printed 3000 postcards, addressed to himself on the front, the backside left blank.
He handed the cards to passers-by in the streets and public buildings and asked them to write a personal secret on it and then to post the card anonymously.
Since 2014 PostSecret received and collected more than a million postcards.
Every Sunday a small selection of newly received cards is posted on the website

Interview with Frank Warren by Jack Moore of WTOP-radio:

Maarten Davidse: Six perspectives on the usual (2016)

Six perspectives on the usual (fragment).
The monitor shows a 30 minute video with typed observations by six people on Dam Square in Amsterdam. The observers were asked to describe what happens when nothing happens. The result is a documentation of everything we unconsciously perceive, but do not register.

Six perspectives on the usual is part of  If you can see, look. If you can look, observe. The work is now on show in Gilbert De Bontridder: Look at me and see what I couldn’t see (yet) at Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht (NL).

Leendert van der Meer: Retouches (2015-)

My neighbour had an ironic attitude towards my profession; he doubted the relevance of it. This frustrated me and gave me the urge to reveal the importance of it. Therefore I started applying the photographic medium to his profession: concierge. In doing so, I became a ‘photographic handyman’ who uses the camera as his tool.

Retouches is a series containing photographic interventions. By ‘installing’ printed images in the public domain I refurbish objects. In this process, photography not only serves as a tool; it also becomes a substitute for reality.

Marc Buchy: Fiducia (2015)

If the exhibition takes place in an organisation selling objects, drinks or whatever, bended coins have to be put in the cash register and used as normal money. Even if modifed, coins get back into their flow and classical use.

At Platforms Project in Athens: All three of us had a modified coin in a pocket and showed it to many people around.
Finally one spent it at the bar, one sold it as an art-object (doubled the value) and one just gave it away.

Platforms Project: The Shows

In and around Nico’s jacket: Heekyung Ryu, Ton Kraayeveld, Peter Baren, Frans van Lent, Kees Koomen,
Ton van Dalen, Juan Beladrich, Kitty van der Veer, Ellen Rodenberg, Mikio Saite, Maarten Schepers,
Nico Parlevliet, Royce Hobbs, Marc Buchy, Elia Torrecilia, Steve Giasson.

In and around Malou’s jacket: Yvette Teeuwen & Dominika Czajak, Juan Beladrich, Caz Egelie, Kees Koomen,
Elizabeth de Vaal, Kitty van der Veer, Nico Parlevliet, Mikio Saito, Maarten van der Veer, Ellen Rodenberg,
zijzelf, Marc Buchy, Marika Vandekraats,  Elia Torrecilia, Steve Giasson.

In and around Frans’ jacket: Kim Hospers, Ienke Kastelein, Kees Koomen, Maureen Bachaus, Jan Barel,
Maarten Schepers, Juan Beladrich, Kitty van der Veer, Mikio Saito, Heinrich Obst, Jane Domaliç, Frans van Lent,
Ellen Rodenberg, Marc Buchy, Elia Torrecilia, Lilla Magyari, Julia Dahee Hong,
Steve Giasson,

Every day we performed three special works by Elia Torrecilla, Josh Schwebel and Thomas Geiger, and one work extra by Steve Giasson!

And two sound pieces:
Nico Parlevliet: Door (2017)

Andrew McNiven: A Redistributed Garment, a Redistributed Wearer (2017)

The Realtime Radioshow

Unnoticed Art did a daily realtime-radioshow at Platforms Project in Athens.
Here it is:

Friday May 19,
Installation of the stands (preparations).

Saturday May 20,
Opening day, three times a walk through the building.

Sunday May 21,
Sunday morning, no visitors yet.

Monday May 22,
Somewhere between a professional conference in Greek
and the visitors of the gallery booths talking in English.

Tuesday May 23,
One of the staff members, Malou, carried the recorder while talking
and showing her jacket group show to individual visitors.

Wednesday May 24,
Metro ride, walk and preparations for a new day at Platforms project.

Thursday May 25,
The last 30 minutes of Unnoticed Art at the Platforms Project.